Make Up Artist


Alexandria Storm

Make Up Artist & Hairstylist, Los Angeles, CA

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Alexandria grew up in the West Coast of Malaysia in the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, where she studied in a British International High School.

Upon graduation from High School, she went to New Zealand to read Engineering. She uses her science and engineering knowledge in the Art of Make Up and hopes to bring her professionalism and knowledge to your set.


  • Beauty
  • Hairstyling
  • Mens Grooming
  • Tattoo Application
  • Tattoo Cover-up
  • Drag Make Up
  • Air Brushing
  • Bald Cap Application
  • Old Age Make Up
  • Special Effects
  • Character Make Up
  • Beard Application
  • Beard Styling
  • Body Painting
  • Eyelash Application


Best Special Effects, LA Reel Film Festival
Best Special Effects (Nominated), Maverick Movie Awards


Beauty Make Up at Award Studio
Hair Styling at Cinema Make Up School
Beard Application (Under Fred Blau & Bradley Look) at Local 706
Old Age Make Up (Under Joel Harlow) at Local 706
Art of Drag (Under Glen Allen & David DuMortier) at Local 706
Airbrush (Under Robert Maverick) at Local 706
Bald Caps (Under Fred Blau and Bradley Look) at Local 706
Tattoo Application & Cover (Under Fred Blau and Bradley Look) at Local 706